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What to Expect / FAQ'S

Before your first visit: 

We will send you an intake packet to complete, and ask that you return it to us before your first appointment. This will help us make sure that we target relevant areas of concern during our evaluation. You can complete the forms online with fillable fields on Adobe, or you can print and complete them on paper. You can return them to us via email, postal mail, or fax.

What can I expect during the evaluation?

We will already have your completed intake documents. Since some time may have passed, we will be interested to learn of any important changes that may have occurred since then. You can let us know if you need to see the forms you’ve already filled out, and we can give you a copy to amend. 
You will also be asked to complete a new questionnaire during your child's appointment, which will help to further inform our evaluation.

We want to test your child’s best performance, so the therapist will start by helping your child become comfortable in the new environment. Our therapists will begin to attune to your child’s sensory and social-emotional needs during the initial introduction.

You are welcome to join, especially if your child will feel more comfortable with you present.

We generally start with table-top work and standardized assessments in a small room, with varied gross and fine motor activities mixed in. We use tests that are created to be fun and engaging for your child. After this, we will spend some time in one of our play gyms, where the therapist can make clinical observations, including but not limited to gross motor skills, planning/organization, social interaction, and sensory processing. The rooms are filled with swings, mats, foam blocks, and toys. The therapist will observe how your child interacts with the equipment in a new environment, and may ask you to play with your child to assess their style of engagement.

The evaluation will be focused on your child. There will be limited time, if any, to discuss concerns or questions you may have regarding your child. We want to avoid talking about the child's deficits or challenges in front of them. This can be saved for the parent meeting that will be scheduled as the third session.
Location and Parking: 
We’re at 1425 N. Killingsworth St., in the big yellow building on the northeast corner of Killingsworth and Interstate. We face the Killingsworth side of the street. 

We are surrounded by construction and street parking can be a little tight at times. We generally plan to save a few minutes for parking and may have a little walk to get to our door.

There are offices on the bottom floor with apartments above. There is a parking lot behind the building, but those spots are reserved for residents so we use street parking. We also share the building with Firelight Yoga and Brio Dental.

How can I prepare my child for the evaluation and first visit?
We want to help you and your child to feel comfortable and supported during our initial visits!

Please let us know if there are any specific accommodations that you need. 
It may help to explain, beforehand, the purpose of the evaluation and what to expect. Of course the explanation will depend on the age and individual needs of your child.  

For example:
"I’ve heard Danielle is really nice and we get to meet her. She wants to get to know you, learn about the things that you love and are really good at, and the things that are harder, too. Because she is someone who wants to help make the hard things easier.
The therapist will help us learn about your body, and how we can make some things easier for you. Since they will want to get to know you before you play together, they will ask you to try some things, and even play some games, to see all of the things you and your body are good at doing. Some things might be a little hard, but they will be there to help. Once those games are over, you’ll get to go play together in the gym!”

You can also show them photos of our space - found here. 
If your child still seems unsure or anxious, ensure that you will be there the whole time to watch and cheer them on! 


Do you have a waitlist?

We usually do have a waitlist; we do our best to get new families in as soon as possible. The wait time often depends on families' availability. If you are able to come in the mornings or have flexibility in your schedule, we can generally get you in sooner. Typically the after-school spots can take longer to fill. Our admin team may be able to give you a rough estimate of wait time, though it is hard to predict!


What will therapy sessions look like?

Children learn best when they are fully engaged so our therapy sessions are intentionally very fun and playful. Your therapist will talk with you about the benefits of play-based therapy, and will probably ask you to join in the play! While it may just look like fun, there are many neurological benefits to play and social connection. We will help you attune to your child’s  strengths and challenge areas to support a flow of engagement and organized play. We will also provide strategies for helping your child increase body awareness, emotional awareness, and regulation during play.

What are the most common recommendations you make for home?

Play, play play!!!! We cannot emphasize enough the benefits of playing with your child (social skills, engagement, self-regulation, self-esteem, motor skills, impulse control…) Have FUN!!

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