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We help our clients and families overcome challenges
to do the activities they need, love, and want to do -
their occupations.


We're here to support individuals and families who may be experiencing difficulties in the following areas:​


  • Sensory processing

  • Motor planning and praxis 

  • Self-regulation 

  • Emotional development

  • Gross motor coordination

  • Fine motor development 

  • Visual-motor integration & visual processing

  • Social engagement, interaction, communication, and play

  • Self-care and daily living activities

  • Academic skills and school participation

  • Feeding & oral motor development

  • Executive functioning

  • A comprehensive and functional evaluation with a developmental and sensory lens will be used to determine a child's level of ability and engagement in these areas. 

  • This information is then used to devise an individualized treatment program, in collaboration with you!

Treatment Models

Our work is deeply rooted and informed by the STAR Process and treatment model, and each of our therapists have advanced post-graduate training with mentorship via the Star Institute. This is the premier center for research and development related to sensory processing difficulties.

For more information about this model, you can visit the STAR website - here is a link to it...


Additionally, we incorporate and blend a variety of specialized treatment models to inform our care and meet each individual's needs. These include:

  • DIR Floortime (Developmental, Individual Difference, Relationship-based Model)
  • The Alert Program

  • Zones of Regulation

  • Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding

  • Collaborative Problem Solving

  • WRAP; Wellness Recovery Action Planning

  • Therapeutic Listening

  • Astronaut Training

  • Handwriting Without Tears

  • Neuro-Developmental Treatment

  • Pediatric Yoga

  • Michele Garcia Winner's Social Thinking Curriculum

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