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Amy did such incredible work with my Sensory Seeking daughter at her previous location that we purposefully sought her out at Bright Spot when we needed more help two years later. Her affirmation of my child’s gender diversity makes for a warm and welcoming environment for therapy. Amy is so gifted with attunement that she can effortlessly weave in therapeutic activities with my daughter’s imaginative play. I have learned so much about how to be a better parent to my Sensational child by watching Amy in action.

I am so appreciative of the work our son was able to do at Sensory Kids with Emily, his OT!  Emily impressed me right away with her ability to intuit quickly how to approach our reserved and hesitant child.  She was warm, genuine, and inviting (but not pushy) and she let things unfold at his pace.    It was a total delight to encounter someone who trusted our child’s process rather than immediately trying to impose their own; as a result not only did my son warm up and feel safe with Emily right away, but as a parent I was reminded to value and respect his process as well.  Emily brought an energetic and playful openness to each session and always had innovative and fun activities up her sleeve, as well as excellent practical insights and suggestions to share with us as parents.  Most significantly for us, the sessions never had anything akin to a clinical feel- this was play, pure and simple, and our child felt liked and appreciated for who he was.

We came to Sensory Kids ostensibly to get some support for our child, who was struggling with social anxiety and some out-of-sync behavior. Our son got so much out of his sessions, but it was really us as parents who made the biggest changes.  Sensory Kids’ non-judgmental approach was a breath of fresh air in our worried parental hearts, and we saw our sweet boy with new eyes: much better informed about how to support him, and much more accepting and understanding.  Our family is the better for it! Huge thank you’s to Emily & Sensory Kids!

Bright Spot has been truly a "bright spot" in our lives this last year. We started our son in OT prior to Covid and after a short break were able to resume. They have been doing a stellar job keeping the office clean and I always felt safe going there.
Amy, the OT, is the most patient, energetic, and creative grown-up! She has an incredible ability to run with a kid's energy. My son would come with a very specific idea of what "adventure" he wanted to go on each week and she always knew how to engage with his ideas in the most positive way.
Thanks to Amy and Bright Spot, my son has grown a ton and now pushes himself physically with ease and happiness. I can't recommend Bright Spot enough!

We had the incredible fortune of finding Sensory Kids when we first moved to Portland from Los Angeles at the end of last summer. From the moment we walked in with our two kids (ages 8 and 10), we were warmly greeted and well taken care of; the staff does so much behind the scenes to make sure that all issues, from family support to scheduling to insurance questions, are addressed and taken care of.

The therapeutic style provided by Sensory Kids does not promise any quick fixes, nor does it adhere to any strict rules or traditional behavioral models; they treat each and every child as a whole, lovable person, carefully following the child’s lead and learning as much as possible about the child’s interests. This makes it possible to tap into the child’s intrinsic motivation to get these little guys and gals up and using their bodies. For our kids, OT has been the most helpful of all therapies, and at Sensory Kids the team is so great at making sessions playful and fun, yet doing so in an organized fashion that allows the child to make goals and reach milestones.

We have been on this road of autism therapy for eight years now, and after visiting countless clinics both in Oregon and California, it is my sincere and humble opinion that the love and care we received at Sensory Kids is truly unparalleled.

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