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Treatment Options

There are a number of ways we can provide treatment, to find the best match for your family.

We offer in-person sessions in our spectacular clinic space! We've built a safe, fun, and therapeutic environment for individuals to play, explore, and experience magic.
With multiple treatment rooms, we can adapt the environment for an optimal therapeutic experience. We intend to provide a place of comfort to our families, with an atmosphere that is positive, fun, and inviting. 


We have developed successful and meaningful interventions for supporting families online. 
There are unique benefits to supporting families in their natural home environment. This can help to implement therapy strategies at home and to carry over recommendations into daily life.
This can be a great option for families who may live far away. We can also set up a hybrid model with periodic or occasional in-person sessions when we may want a chance to connect and play in person.

Parent Meetings

Adult-only parent meetings are an essential part of the therapy process. This gives us the opportunity for focused time to listen and collaborate about your treatment priorities, for your therapist to inform you of their observations, and to offer individualized recommendations and treatment plans.

While you can request a parent meeting at any time, we generally schedule them:

  1. after the evaluation - to share findings and set family-centered goals for an effective treatment plan.

  2. mid-way through your child’s treatment to review progress, home programs, and determine the best course going forward.

  3. at the end of your child’s treatment to discuss the transition out of therapy and finalize home and community strategies/supports.

Intensive Model
This option is an incredibly effective approach to treatment. We highly recommend it, as studies show that a burst of frequent sessions over a short duration can foster the greatest impact. This can involve 2-5 sessions per week across approximately 30 visits, though our recommendations will certainly vary for an individualized treatment plan based on the child and family needs.
We realize this may not be feasible for many families' busy schedules. That is okay too, because we can also offer once to twice weekly appointments.

Adult Program
We also offer treatment services for adults!
Check here for more information: 

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