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Intake Process

Contact Us

Call our office at 503-575-9402, or email us at

We will learn about your family's needs, gather some preliminary information (age, insurance, etc.), and identify your availability for scheduling therapy sessions.

We find a spot for you

When a therapist has a weekly opening that works for your family, we'll contact you.

Complete our intake packet

We'll send an intake packet for you to complete. We'll gather more detailed demographic information, medical history, insurance IDs, and more. This packet must be completed in order to confirm your appointment spot.

We verify your benefits

We will check your benefits and send you a summary of what we find. This should give you an idea of what to expect, but it's only an estimate, and you should also call your insurance carrier to hear your benefits directly from them.

Begin your visits

Here's how your visits will unfold...

  • Evaluation & Clinical Observations

The first session the therapist will conduct an evaluation. 

The second session will allow for further clinical observations and treatment planning.

  • Parent Meeting and Treatment Planning

On the third visit we'll have a meeting with therapist and parents (adults only) to review findings, set meaningful goals and a make a plan together. 

  • Therapy

We will implement the individualized treatment plan we've developed together! 

And this can look different for each family. You can learn about treatment options here!

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