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These values inform the treatment we provide:
  • We identify and build upon each child’s strengths, development, and social-emotional capacities.

  • We use a dynamic systems approach – considering children within the family system, changing contexts, environments, occupations, and cultures.

  • We emphasize caregiver education - empowering families to bring ideas from our therapy session into home and community life, and to improve functional abilities across contexts.

  • We strongly believe, and the evidence shows, that therapy should be enjoyable, meaningful, and positive for the individual, because folks learn best when they are fully engaged.

  • We focus on emotion & arousal regulation - because learning cannot take place when children are dysregulated.

  • We greatly value continuing education to utilize evidence-based practice. Our therapists are highly trained in sensory-based & relationship-rich approaches. We are regularly seeking research and professional development to learn together and enhance our practice. We maintain weekly collaboration and mentorship meetings with each therapist.

Most of all, we have FUN!!!

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