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Pediatric Occupational Therapy
in Portland, Oregon

Therapy here is a fun, positive, and uplifting experience! We build on your child's strengths and boost their confidence to tackle and persist with the big challenges.


We support the whole child and family, and we want to address the issues that are most relevant and meaningful in your everyday life.


We emphasize family involvement in the therapy process, and want to educate and empower you to support positive, lasting change.


Hello, World! Here's some good news:
Sensory Kids and Bright Spot have partnered up and joined into one! 

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Our Approach is


Rooted in acceptance,
equity, inclusion, and justice.
All Are Welcome.

We respect each individual’s unique story, and we are here for each of our families with our hearts and minds open. 

We will provide a safe space that fosters trust and understanding.

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We meet your child where they are to foster success.

​We identify and build upon each child’s individual strengths, developmental level, and social-emotional capacities.

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Relationship- centered

We establish a strong and trusting relationship as a foundation to build upon together.

Our relationship is the central pillar to our therapy plans, as we are all members of the same team.

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We are driven by research to improve the developmental trajectory for any child experiencing challenges or disability. Our therapists are highly trained, and we greatly value professional development, to learn together and enhance our practice.

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Therapy here is some serious fun! We strongly believe, and the evidence shows, that therapy should be enjoyable, meaningful, and positive for the individual, because folks learn best when they are fully engaged.

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