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We are growing! And moving, too!

We're joining forces with a fabulous clinic called Sensory Kids,

which will become a part of Bright Spot.

We will move to 1425 N Killingsworth St. in November 2021, and will close our

current location on SE Milwaukie Ave.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy
in Portland, Oregon

Therapy here is a fun, positive, and uplifting experience!

We build on your child's strengths and boost their confidence to tackle and persist with the big challenges. 


We support the whole child and family.

We want to address the issues that are most relevant and meaningful in everyday life. We emphasize family involvement in the therapy process, and want to educate and empower you to support positive, lasting change.

Our approach is:

  • Developmental - we meet your child where they are to foster success.

  • Relationship-based - we establish a strong and trusting relationship as a foundation to build upon together.

  • Play-based - therapy is some serious fun which is important and meaningful for children.

  • Evidence-based - we are driven by research to improve the developmental trajectory for any child experiencing challenges or disability.

  • Rooted in acceptance, equity, inclusion, and justice. We respect and celebrate diversity of every kind.